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How to unelect a Governor

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There is a tactic being applied designed to usurp the will of the people. It is both simple yet effective. It is the tactic of litigating an elected official out of office.

There is an independent investigator who has accused Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of violating state ethics laws. The interesting part is that he is a major donor to the Democratic Party as well as a partner in a law firm that represented Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Thomas Daniel was hired by the Alaska Personnel Board in late April to investigate several complaints against Palin, including one filed by an Alaska resident who claims the governor used her official position for personal gain by authorizing the creation of a trust to use as her legal defense fund.

Palin’s supporters say the governor, who will resign on Sunday, needs the legal fund because of a quirk in Alaska law that prevents state officials from defending the state’s chief executive against ethics allegations.

“The whole situation is nuts,” said John Coale, a prominent Washington attorney who helped set up the legal fund, which so far has accepted $500,000 in donations. “Alaska has an ethics law that is unsustainable.”

Coale also accused the personnel board of being “either vicious or idiotic” to hire Daniel, whose law firm is closely tied to the Democratic Party.

This should serve to make all of us livid, but it escapes most people.

What amazes me about the “Let’s Bash Palin” crowd is the attraction to the minutia and lack of ability to stop consuming the pablum and gaze upon the bigger picture.

It’s clear to me that the majority of voting Americans are easily tempted and fooled by slick speaking car salesmen only to discover that after they get into office they deliver us into ruin the likes of which this country has never seen.

Like Palin, Bush was vilified for the lack of oratory skills and his mannerisms. Compared to what we now have, I’d go for an honest speaking common American without charm and charisma in a heart-beat.

California dreamin’

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For this post, all I have are the abstract points, so bear with me on this one.

Flashback… 1960’s heck… late ’50’s … beatniks.. the precursor to the hippies of the ’60s…

Ok… California… Berkley, utopian-based belief systems, Peace, Love, Dove…. Free sex, free drugs, free Rock-n-Roll Free… get it? Free.

Radical thinking, communes, my campus-based subversion theory of professors and the continued infusion into society of corrupted leadership / captains of industry / media moguls / CNN .. are ya with me?

Now, let all of that simmer in the California sun for say 350 degrees for – oh – about 50 years.

Ok, that should be long enough… open the oven and *Wam*… let’s see what we have here. Oh, look! We’ve got Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters just to name a few of the better known crazies from California.

Reflect on the current condition of the state of California. … it’s printing IOU’s like there’s no tomorrow. (They’re probably right about that one.) Then reflect on who is pushing these insane, treasury-busting bills through congress so fast the ink from the printer is still wet. Why, it’s none other than Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

They’re not happy with ph*cking their own state; Oh, no. They have to ph*ck up the rest of the country, too.

I wanna invite California to secede from the nation. Like, right now.

Written by Ben

July 24, 2009 at 6:38 pm

Yet another ethics charge against Palin

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After following a few cars on this apparently never ending train of ethics charges against Palin, this flimsy excuse for yet another charge only serves to make it clear to anyone drawing breath that all you have to do to unseat a state governor is to heap a pile of lawsuits upon them until they can no longer afford the office.

It should serve to make all of us livid, but I doubt most people grasp it.

This isn’t an isolated case, either. Another barrage of ethics charges were thrown up against Tom Delay. His crime? After being notified by his Houston office that the office worker there had erroneously deposited a check into his campaign account he simply acknowledged the procedural faux pas with “Ok.” The result: Conspiracy and money laundering charges were levied against Mr. Delay ultimately leading his party to successfully persuade him to resign the office. All charges have been thrown out.

All of us should be aware of the legal machine being used by the Democratic Party designed to remove political leaders by circumventing the election process replacing it with no due process.

Again, it should make us livid, no matter which party you associate yourself with because it means our votes mean nothing.

Written by Ben

July 21, 2009 at 7:21 pm

No. This can’t be right, could it? Really?

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Global Warming: Scientists’ Best Predictions May Be Wrong

Scientists are now distancing themselves further from their own climate models. Now they’re saying they don’t even know how much earth’s climate is affected by carbon emissions.

You can read about the science community’s Michael Jackson-esque moon-walk here.

Here’s another article published Nov 2008.

But in spite of the questionable data on global warming and the admission by scientists that their climate models are “do-do”, it may not be enough to prevent passage of the Cap and Trade Climate bill.

Written by Ben

July 15, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Mind Games

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If we can accept the notion that all conservatives i.e. Republicans, are against abortion, can we accept the notion that all Catholics are liberals and Democrats?

Does the issue of abortion transcend political parties?

Written by Ben

July 14, 2009 at 7:17 pm

Why Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor should not be appointed

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It’s simple; Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. There is no room in the Supreme Court for judges who base decisions and issue judgment based upon skin color.


Written by Ben

July 13, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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Controversial Defamation Bill passes by a single vote

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The Irish Government passed by a single vote the Defamation Bill after the Government nearly suffered a defeat on an amendment which would have deleted the offense of blasphemy from the Bill.

The bill introduces a new crime of blasphemous libel which the media industry broadly supports. The new law also enables newspapers to offer an apology without risking an admission of liability, and to defend libel actions by arguing that a story was in the public interest. The maximum fine for blasphemy will €25,000.

Who decides what is blasphemous? You? Me? Some over-educated bureaucrat?

Running on a twist to this law and to illustrate the other side to this argument, what about the Suras in the Qur’an? Here are a few just to warm you up to my point:

* Disbelievers are diseased (2.10)
* Allah is the enemy of disbelievers (2.88)
* Disbelievers are evil people (2.99) perverts(63.4) wicked(80.40-42)
* Disbelievers are deaf dumb and blind (2.171), losers (2.121),your enemies (4.101)
* Jews and Christians are losers(5.53),evil(5.59) perverts(9.30)
* Disbelievers are worst beasts(8.55), dirty (9.28) liars(16.39) lowest creatures(58.20)

These and other similar Qur’anic ayas are recited by Muslims five times a day and broadcast day and night on Islamic radio programs all over the world.

On the one hand we have a society passing a law which says that making blasphemous statements against a religion is illegal while on the other hand we have a religion which teaches hatred against Jews. The Qur’an teaches the reader that Christians and disbelievers of Islam are considered to be losers, evil and wicked perverts lower than the low. If you read other passages in the Qur’an you will find Islam says nonbelievers can be decapitated by any Muslim – any true believer.

In 1984 Hindus had placed a writ in Indian High Court to ban the Qur’an for promoting hatred and inciting violence (Calcutta Quran Petition, The Indian Govt. had to reject it under heavy pressure of Indian Muslims who rioted in the streets nationwide.

If I were to be an Irish citizen and if I were to point out the wickedness of Islam, I would then expect that I would be arrested.

I view the collective mindset responsible for this ludicrous law naive and dangerous to Western society. There is a dangerous movement among us and the Western world had better wake up to it. This law only helps that movement succeed.

Written by Ben

July 12, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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Racism heading for the Supreme Court?

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The Supreme Court’s 5-4 reversal of a decision endorsed by a three-judge appellate panel that included Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor must remind all of us that racism can influence the judgment of our judges when they harbor racist tendencies of their own.

When is it ever correct to promote based upon skin color and a lower qualification assessment?

The answer should be self evident and without exceptions. To do otherwise is racism. Nothing more.

All of us should distance ourselves from this form of “equality” where excellence is pushed to the margins and replaced by a racially inspired system based upon quotas.

Affirmative action is no good for anyone.

Written by Ben

July 3, 2009 at 10:39 am

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