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Yet another ethics charge against Palin

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After following a few cars on this apparently never ending train of ethics charges against Palin, this flimsy excuse for yet another charge only serves to make it clear to anyone drawing breath that all you have to do to unseat a state governor is to heap a pile of lawsuits upon them until they can no longer afford the office.

It should serve to make all of us livid, but I doubt most people grasp it.

This isn’t an isolated case, either. Another barrage of ethics charges were thrown up against Tom Delay. His crime? After being notified by his Houston office that the office worker there had erroneously deposited a check into his campaign account he simply acknowledged the procedural faux pas with “Ok.” The result: Conspiracy and money laundering charges were levied against Mr. Delay ultimately leading his party to successfully persuade him to resign the office. All charges have been thrown out.

All of us should be aware of the legal machine being used by the Democratic Party designed to remove political leaders by circumventing the election process replacing it with no due process.

Again, it should make us livid, no matter which party you associate yourself with because it means our votes mean nothing.

Written by Ben

July 21, 2009 at 7:21 pm

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