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It has happened – again!

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1 dead, 11 hurt after car drives into crowd on LA boardwalk

The driver of a car that struck 12 people on the Venice Beach boardwalk in California, killing one and hospitalizing nine others early Saturday evening, did so deliberately, according to witnesses.

One witness told CBS LA that the driver was “out for blood.” Another estimated that the car was going 60 miles per hour. The car was still moving as it drove out of sight of first responders and the injured.

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We MUST have car control laws to prevent these senseless and random acts of murder. I don’t understand why, in this modern era of civilization, we have to have cars when we have mass transit. The solution is so obvious and if we could save but one child, it would be worth it.

Police suspect that the car involved was either a Dodge Charger or Avenger. With names of cars like this, it isn’t difficult to understand the motivation it creates for people to do these things. Also, what do you want to bet the car was black? You see, that paint scheme is always applied to things that bring harm to people. I’ll bet it even had handles on it … and a device to make it quieter… like a silencer. Those poor souls couldn’t even hear it coming.

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August 4, 2013 at 9:47 am

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