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Dis-information and Global Warming.

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When I look at scientific studies which appear to be rational and credible, I learn other scientist among the scientific community rail against it pointing out flaw after flaw. Take that famous “Hockey Stick” graph. When it came out it was hailed as great work, only to be slammed by other scientists and then again found by others to be “all good”.

The big flaw I see in that graph’s data plot pertains mostly to the Medieval Warm Period. It peaked around 1200 AD and represents a time when temperatures were as much as 3°C higher than today. Any casual reader of the graph would have noticed this period of time shows the graph line somewhat higher than the line representing current temperatures, however, this period does not appear on the graph. This leaves the reader with the distinct impression today’s temperatures are the highest on record for the last 1200 years!

There are theories about sunspots, Jupiter’s magnetosphere interfering with the sun’s which influences solar output which then influences the earth’s atmosphere.

There’s so many influencing factors it’s hard to keep up with it. Whose theory is the right one? All of them? None? Parts? What am I to believe? What is congress to believe? What is the EPA to believe? (Well, apparently they believe what they want to; not what appears to be factual).

So while the debate about the cause of global warming goes on, the U.S. feels compelled to pass a domestic bill to try to reverse the warming. Sounds absurd to me.

The “Cap and Trade” bill recently passed by the House does not force other countries to apply the same programs and policies which this bill forces upon America. Without participation from other countries the impact on global climate will be insubstantial. This argument is based on the leading role China and India have obtained in carbon dioxide emissions which could reach 34% of the global total by 2030.

While I’m trying to wrap my head around the whole issue I see the modern day snake oil salesman (Al Gore) promote his company’s services by attempting to convince the rest of the world on the notion that we can solve the problem by buying his carbon credit scheme.

Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be convinced global warming is due primarily to human activity. After that, I’m then supposed to believe we can reduce our activity and then reverse the effects of global warming…. in spite of what nature is doing in the meantime.


Let me perform a little mis-direction of my own. Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring element in our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is no more a pollutant than oxygen or nitrogen. Without CO2 there would be no life on earth. Carbon Dioxide is the food which keeps plants alive. Through photosynthesis plants transform CO2 into plant food. Oxygen is produced as a waste product. All living things are dependent on this cycle. Therefore, should we not instead go after South America for burning the world’s vast rain forests? Hmmmm?

Written by Ben

December 7, 2009 at 5:13 pm

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