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Why liberals don’t want us to have a gun

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explodingheadThis post is about the comments that fall out of the mouths of people who don’t believe Americans have a God given right to protect themselves.

The video is presented by The Blaze.

You really have to wonder if these people actually listen to themselves. Either way, it is difficult not to be left with a low opinion regarding their collective IQ, which indicates these people couldn’t have arrived at their points of argument on their own. They’ve been fed.

If they were really involved with understanding the problem, and I don’t believe they are, they would eventually come across the data point that tells them that when threatened and without the ability to defend themselves and loved ones, they would be dead long before police arrived.

Police rarely prevent the murder. Only comic book heroes can do that. Law enforcement (key phrase, there) only show up after the fact. So, to their argument about 30k or so gun victims, the counter argument should then be “If only those poor souls had been armed and trained.” At least then there would be a fighting chance for a different outcome.

A few days ago, April 17,2014 to be exact, Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg’s business) published what they call “Bloomberg Visual Data” titled “How Americans Die”, by Mathew C. Klein. It presents data in a graphical form showing, well, how Americans die. One page in particular caught my eye and I wondered about the left hand knowing what the right was doing. As many probably know, Michael Bloomberg is no fan of gun ownership and even committed $50 million in an effort to challenge the NRA with gun control legislation. Honestly, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. The chart is presented below.murderbygun

The data presented by this chart renders the woman’s argument (in the video) about 30,000 gun deaths each year as either a lie or, at best, deliberate disinformation. If neither of those premises are true, then she’s either making stuff up as she goes or, again, she’s being fed.

With this data, the question should now be about why these protestors and others of their ilk aren’t absolutely livid over the fact that drug induced deaths are above 40,000 per year and rising above deaths by automobile and suicide, the latter of which is also on the rise.

I know they can’t be livid about automobile deaths and diligently working to ban the automobile, because then they wouldn’t be able to drive to their next protest. However, we shouldn’t expect that from preventing liberal politicians from passing legislation that limits the number of passengers to only two. If you’re like me, now you’re recalling that Colorado, a very liberal state, recently legalized marijuana. This is where I reach for that duct tape.

The following articles illustrates what happens when people are allowed to protect themselves. The theme is the same; good people stay alive, assholes die or go to jail after a visit to the hospital.

Home intruder shot dead despite several warnings from homeowner
Detroit man shoots at intruders, killing one in latest home invasion
Attempted Intruder Shot Dead By 17-Year-Old In Hominy, Officials Say
Florida Family Fatally Shoots Home Intruder: Police
Robber shot dead by jewelry store owner
Armed robber shot dead by businessman

Coming to its senses?

By any measure, Chicago has the most stringent laws against gun control in the country. In spite of this, FBI statistics released in September of 2013 show that Chicago passed New York as America’s murder capital in 2012 despite the Windy City only having a third of the Big Apple’s population.

Chicago police are reporting that the murder rate for the first quarter of 2014 is the lowest it’s been in more than 50 years, which gun advocates are attributing to a concealed carry law passed in Illinois last year.

Of course, Chicago Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy says the opposite is what’s reducing crime: police have recovered 1,300 illegal guns during the first three months of 2014.

If Chicago’s efforts are the true cause of the dramatic drop, then what the hell were they doing during the previous 50 years? I suspect the truth lies nearer to the concealed carry laws that serve to give would-be criminals second thoughts about perpetrating their next crime. Certainly, having the police get off their doughnut injected ass doesn’t hurt, either, but I find it odd that suddenly their efforts are are the reason. The claim looks more like an attempt at avoiding being embarrassed.

Written by Ben

April 19, 2014 at 7:49 am