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Black America Needs a New Belief System

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As far back as 1992, bizarre as it may seem to most people, many black Americans believe that AIDS and the health measures used against it are part of a conspiracy to wipe out the black race.

A survey of black church members in 1990 found that an astonishing 35 percent believed AIDS was a form of genocide. A New York Times/WCBS-TV News poll in 1990 found that 1 black in 10 believes the AIDS virus was “deliberately created in a laboratory in order to infect black people” and an additional 2 in 10 thought that might be so. A Gallup/Newsweek poll in March produced similar results.

ED: To this American this is testimony to the fact that Black Americans continue to cling to excuses to explain why they will not advance themselves in this society.

The leadership in the black community should not be tolerating this view and opposed to leadership such as Reverend Wright who shamelessly promote this unfounded belief. It only serves to perpetuate a victim-syndrome which needs to be removed from the psyche of the community. It is obtuse. It is divisive. It is hateful. It is inexcusable.

Demonstrating a willingness to be intellectually lazy makes it clear why they “Axe” the questions they do and demonstrates one reason why we need Affirmative Action. The black community that believe in intellectual swill such as this need all the help they can get.

Written by Ben

May 2, 2008 at 7:47 pm