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Controversial Defamation Bill passes by a single vote

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The Irish Government passed by a single vote the Defamation Bill after the Government nearly suffered a defeat on an amendment which would have deleted the offense of blasphemy from the Bill.

The bill introduces a new crime of blasphemous libel which the media industry broadly supports. The new law also enables newspapers to offer an apology without risking an admission of liability, and to defend libel actions by arguing that a story was in the public interest. The maximum fine for blasphemy will €25,000.

Who decides what is blasphemous? You? Me? Some over-educated bureaucrat?

Running on a twist to this law and to illustrate the other side to this argument, what about the Suras in the Qur’an? Here are a few just to warm you up to my point:

* Disbelievers are diseased (2.10)
* Allah is the enemy of disbelievers (2.88)
* Disbelievers are evil people (2.99) perverts(63.4) wicked(80.40-42)
* Disbelievers are deaf dumb and blind (2.171), losers (2.121),your enemies (4.101)
* Jews and Christians are losers(5.53),evil(5.59) perverts(9.30)
* Disbelievers are worst beasts(8.55), dirty (9.28) liars(16.39) lowest creatures(58.20)

These and other similar Qur’anic ayas are recited by Muslims five times a day and broadcast day and night on Islamic radio programs all over the world.

On the one hand we have a society passing a law which says that making blasphemous statements against a religion is illegal while on the other hand we have a religion which teaches hatred against Jews. The Qur’an teaches the reader that Christians and disbelievers of Islam are considered to be losers, evil and wicked perverts lower than the low. If you read other passages in the Qur’an you will find Islam says nonbelievers can be decapitated by any Muslim – any true believer.

In 1984 Hindus had placed a writ in Indian High Court to ban the Qur’an for promoting hatred and inciting violence (Calcutta Quran Petition, The Indian Govt. had to reject it under heavy pressure of Indian Muslims who rioted in the streets nationwide.

If I were to be an Irish citizen and if I were to point out the wickedness of Islam, I would then expect that I would be arrested.

I view the collective mindset responsible for this ludicrous law naive and dangerous to Western society. There is a dangerous movement among us and the Western world had better wake up to it. This law only helps that movement succeed.

Written by Ben

July 12, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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