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You might be a liberal if…

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… you feel the world is filled with pity, sorrow, neediness, misfortune, poverty, suspicion, mistrust, anger, exploitation, discrimination, victimization, alienation and injustice.

… you identify with “workers,” “minorities,” “the little guy,” “women,” the “unemployed”, the weak, sick, wronged, cheated, oppressed, disenfranchised, exploited and victimized.

… you believe the plight of the “victim” is not caused by failure to plan for the future or learn from their own experience? Instead, do you believe the “root causes” of the “victim’s” pain lies in faulty social conditions: poverty, disease, war, ignorance, unemployment, racial prejudice, ethnic and gender discrimination, modern technology, capitalism, globalization and imperialism.

… you believe this suffering is inflicted on the innocent by various predators and persecutors: “Big Business,” “Big Corporations,” “greedy capitalists,” U.S. Imperialists,” “the oppressors,” “the rich,” “the wealthy,” “the powerful” and “the selfish.”.

… you believe the cure for this endless malaise lies in a well crafted list of social programs run by government that regulates and manages society through a cradle to grave agenda of redistributed care taking where government is everywhere doing everything for everyone.

… you believe in the acceptance of sexual indulgence, the acceptance of behavior which deviates from the norm, rationalize the use of violence for any peaceful cause, excuse financial obligation, justify theft, ignore rudeness, prescribe complaining and blaming, denigrate marriage and the family, legalize all abortion, defy religious and social tradition, declare inequality unjust, and rebel against the duty of citizenship.

… you believe in the acceptance of seditious acts against your country to advance acceptance of another country’s agenda or the embracing of a world view.

… you identify with socially minded intellectuals who support like-minded politicians who provide their constituents with whatever they want or need even though the politician has not, by his/her own effort, produced any of the goods, services or status transferred to them but has instead taken them from others through the legislation of law.

… you identify with the politician who promotes multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, promising to ensure everyone’s material welfare, providing for everyone’s health care, to protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions.

In addition, according to a well respected clinical psychologist, you might also be mentally ill.

Written by Ben

October 5, 2008 at 9:27 am

2 Responses

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  1. You might be a conservative if your life is filled with fear and hatred.

    Ben Hoffman

    August 7, 2009 at 12:15 pm

  2. I cannot speak to whether or not board-certified clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Rossiter, is a conservative or a liberal nor can I say his life is filled with fear and hatred. You see, I have no fact to back that up. Nor can you.

    What we can do is open our eyes, everyone of us, you included, to the possibilities that the Dr. knows what he is talking about. Just because I might believe what he says, or just reflect on what he published in his book does not make me or anyone else a hate filled fear-monger. It’s baseless.

    As for conservatives, they fear chaos, like any normal person does, while liberals fear emptiness, again, like any normal person does.

    As for people who throw out emotionally laden accusations, such as your comment and such as Nancy Pelosi’s comment about swastikas, well that kind of makes its own point, doesn’t it?

    You are free to contribute, but please, back them up with facts. To throw out baseless accusations is pointless and hollow.


    August 7, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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