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A Mosque at New York’s “Ground Zero”

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Today, a New York City panel voted unanimously to reject landmark status for a building in downtown Manhattan, paving the way for its demolition — and for the construction of a 13-story, $100 million mosque near the World Trade Center site.

The Constitution of the United States (COTUS), that double-edged sword of sometimes loosely guaranteed freedoms, is used as the panel’s footing to vote unanimously for the building of the Muslim mosque.

This is a case where the COTUS works against the will of the people and for the spirit of the COTUS as defined by the vision of the document’s architects who wrote it over 200 years ago. The COTUS works to enforce separation of church (Islamic religion) and state (NYC city gov’t ). Mission accomplished.

That said, there comes a time when the definition of religion, in this case Islam, has to be closely examined and judged on its merits and its socially redeeming values to determine whether it truly qualifies as a religion in the classic sense and not a political ideology wrapped up in religious doctrine. In this case of Islam, I see it in the latter category worthy of it being outlawed. Yes, I am on a very slippery slope here but not when Islam is a cloaked political system.

Looking at it another way, the combined effect of the portion of the COTUS which applies in this case, the well established liberalism in this country and the toleration of an opposing political body which has consistently proven over time to be an enemy of democracy and whose Imams have declared a Jihad for the destruction of the West, will evolve toward the eventual destruction of this country.

To think that my great-great-grand kids may have to face Mecca 4 times a day and engage in forced prayer sickens me.

Back in October of last year and amid protests against it, Obama passed the so-called “hate crimes bill”. Eric Holder described the nature of the bill this way:

As WND reported, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder admitted a homosexual activist who is attacked following a Christian minister’s sermon about homosexuality would be protected by the proposed federal law, but a minister attacked by a homosexual wouldn’t be.

Now, I’m not rocket scientist and I’m certainly not the sharpest pair of pliers in this box of crayons, and ignoring the context on sexuality and instead focusing on the issue of religion-inspired speech spawning acts of violence directed against a population not sharing views of that religion, it would appear this bill would be a very nice tool to be used to defeat the plans to build the mosque and more importantly, outlaw Islam in America.

I believe Americans need to stop looking at Islam as a religion and start looking at it as a political system. It has its own laws outside of civil law of its host country called sharia law. It’s over arching goal is to usurp local and national government with the intent of replacing it with their own.

Most important, it would be child’s play to show how Islam and their imams, especially the imam who will not describe Hamas as a terrorist organization and who will be presiding over the Mosque in question, are consistent in their message to not only destroy Israel but also the West, meaning mostly America.

Now, again, I’m not the brightest hammer in the swimming pool, but if that’s not describing a hate crime, then sit me down and shut me up.


Written by Ben

August 3, 2010 at 8:36 pm

3 Responses

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  1. I just don’t get how if the majority of New York citizens oppose it that it can still go up. A memorial to all who died there – whether Christian, Muslim, or otherwise, is FAR more appropriate than building a mosque. The stupidity of Political Correctness strikes again.

    Sounds like some city politicians need their palms greased a little more. 😉

    Vern R. Kaine

    August 4, 2010 at 3:52 pm

  2. If you got an email from the blog system about this comment, it should be clear you can disregard it. Nothing like editing while trying to post a comment at the same time.
    – – – – – – –

    I have been following terrorism since 1970 when I read in the “Pacific Stars and Stripes” about a band a ruthless scum belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who had hijacked 3 commercial aircraft, landing them at gunpoint in the Jordanian desert and them blowing them up.

    After watching decades more of their murderous ways conducted under the name of Islam’s “Muhammad”, I have arrived at the conclusion that this band of morally bankrupt excuses for human beings have to be utterly and unequivocally destroyed to never draw another breath and to never rise again.

    Let there be no mistake; we are in a global war; a “soft” World War III of sorts. This is a war of ideology, not religion, and if Islam wins the imams will be in a seat of power to establish the same type of political system we see in Iran, today.

    What we are looking at in New York represents another line of battle. If America’s values haven’t been too diluted by the ACLU and the Army of Political Correctness, then we might be able to push them back up Manhattan where they can build their Mosque somewhere else.

    If we lose this battle, they will forever squat near “Ground Zero” to stick their Muslim fingers in our eyes.

    If these Muslims had any sense of what is holy and decent and exhibited an iota of compassion, they would realize that what they are doing is wrong and would move on to build elsewhere while they would be generating a little bit of goodwill in the process.

    But, they are incapable of doing that. You see, Muhammad does not teach that.


    August 5, 2010 at 6:21 pm

  3. Bem

    An interesting perspective from David Frum, if you haven’t seen it already:

    Vern R. Kaine

    August 11, 2010 at 12:19 pm

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