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On the issue of the detained at “Gitmo”

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On the issue of the detained at “Gitmo” …

Tired of hearing America being called a bully-nation because we incarcerate people for no apparent reason?

Are you worried we are defining ourselves as a nation because we allow it and don’t take to the streets screaming loud and hard about our civil liberties from being trampled upon?

Then read on. I throw out a few options below.

Trial? Good idea. Some have suggested that we get on with it and hold the Nuremberg-style trials so we can find them guilty and send them out back behind the port-a-potty and deliver the capital punishment they deserve.

Let them go? Nope. They’ll be back on the battlefield to dole out more terrorism. One only has to look at the history associated with that policy to know there is little chance of any other outcome.

Keep them in jail? Hmmm. They do offer a source of intelligence which may lead to arrests before something bad happens. Perhaps one of them may lead us to other valuable information. In the meantime they don’t have it so bad while they are detained; they get to pray to Allah three times a day, play soccer and eat three squares a day.

Granted I’m painting a broad picture here, but the options are few. And yes, I hear the argument; that these people deserve trial and “indefinite” incarceration is viewed as immoral and it serves somehow to define America in a negative way.

As I see it, we are being defined in a positive way and we will be seen as saving the innocents from the actions of this human swill in the event we let them go.

Taking a larger perspective on the issue, Islam isn’t just another religion. We’re not just dealing with a small band of David Koresh style fanatics. Islam is a fascist ideology which turns its followers into drones who can’t wait to blow themselves up while taking scores of people with them – all in the name of Allah. It is in the Quran. I’ve read it.

America has failed to understand what it is we are actually dealing with. They will not stop until the world has succumbed to Islam.

My only hope is that America wakes up to the realities of what we’re dealing with. To do that we have to put down the idea we can just walk up to one of our captives, hand him a cookie with a glass of milk and asking him nicely where he placed the bomb with the hope he tells us before it goes off.

My other hope is that if the bomb does go off, it strikes a personal chord with those who believe we can reason with these people. Maybe then they’ll get it.

One final question; if you find yourself among those who are concerned about the enemy’s well being and are willing to take to the streets in protest against their “arbitrary” incarceration, would I have found you among the protesters in Olympia protesting military cargo shipments?


Written by Ben

June 29, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Posted in Politics

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