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What’s Michael Jackson got to do with it?

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or – Does anyone smell anything burning?

Being serious (but only for a moment) the media coverage of Michael Jackson’s untimely (and self-inflicted?) demise reflects their understanding about what interests their audience (that would be us).

On that basis alone, it should serve to infuriate all of us.

While we watch media scramble to get the best angle on the story which serves to inflate CD sales for Jackson’s estate, meanwhile, back at the ranch, our economy is in shambles, driven there by the notion that our economic system is somehow flawed and so meddling legislation is warranted to “save us” from our evil capitalist ways.

Never mind the fact that America (once) represented the largest economic force on the face of this planet with greater prosperity than any country in history. Oh no, we must “fix it” with ill conceived legislation driven by the idea that our free market system is “unfair” or “cruel” and casts aside the “less fortunate” and “down-trodden” among us.

Hell if they would just get off their collective butts and quit expecting entitlements maybe we wouldn’t be in the current mess our “leadership” has brought upon us.

So, as we watch the Michael Jackson events unfold which leaves us looking like a bunch of chickens watching a card-trick, Rome burns.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled humor…

… Pssst.. Michael Jackson is still dead… pass it on.


Written by Ben

June 27, 2009 at 11:43 am

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