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The torture debate is gonna kill us.

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This post could also have been titled “And the band plays while we sink.”

This “debate” amazes me.

On one end we have Islam and its fascist ideology which turns its followers into drones who can’t wait to blow themselves up while taking scores of people with them. All in the name of Allah. Wow.

On the other end we have tyrants and insane leaders such as Kim Jong-il who seem to have no qualms about starting a nuclear war with South Korea, Japan and America. Along with him we have President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who describes the Nazi Holocaust of European Jews as a “myth”, and states that Israel should be wiped off the map. He has said on several occasions he envisions that to destroy Israel it would require perhaps only two well-placed nuclear warheads inside its borders. Awesome.

Meanwhile the U.N. seems to believe we can turn off their nuclear programs with a few well-written resolutions. The naivety is not amusing, it’s dangerous for the world – just as Obama’s is.

Somehow we have allowed ourselves to be distracted from the real threat. We appear to have this delusion that we can sit down face-to-face with Kim and Mahmoud and convince them we can play nice with each other if they would only put down their arms and change their ways of looking at the world. We have the same delusion with Islam; that it’s just another religion and we’re only dealing with a few David Koresh style fanatics in their ranks. We have failed to understand what it is we are actually dealing with which is an ideology with the goal of creating an Islamic world.

So while we seem willing to ignore the realities of the world we live in, we get all high and mighty and engage in a self-defeating debate of how to deal with the sub-human animals harboring a death wish for Americans and who would dance with glee while beheading your sister – but only after repeatedly raping her.

This ain’t dancing with the stars. This is for real boys and girls. These people want to kill us and America hasn’t the stomach to deal with them in the only way they understand and respect.

My only hope is that America wakes up to the realities of what we’re dealing with. To do that we have to put down the idea we can just walk up to one of our captives, hand him a cookie and a glass of milk while asking him nicely where he placed the bomb with the hope he tells us before it goes off.

My other hope is the if the bomb does go off, it strikes a personal chord with those who believe we can do so.


Written by Ben

May 30, 2009 at 10:27 am

Posted in Barack Obama, Politics

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