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Political Conservatives Fear Chaos; Liberals Fear Emptiness

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Click hereto read the Science Daily article highlighting research provided by asking church-goers “What if there were no God”.

… research finds that conservatives fear unchecked human impulses that challenge the status quo. What McAdams and Northwestern researcher Albaugh also find is an underlying, but different, fear that drives liberals as well.

“Political conservatives envision a world without God in which baser human impulses go unchecked, social institutions (marriage, government, family) fall apart and chaos ensues,” says McAdams. Liberals, on the other hand, envision a world without God as barren, lifeless, devoid of color and reasons to live.

“Liberals see their faith as something that fills them up and, without it, they conjure up metaphors of emptiness, depletion and scarcity,” McAdams said. “While conservatives worry about societal collapse, liberals worry about a world without deep feelings and intense experiences.”

The study findings may shed light on why conservatives prefer more authoritarian leaders while liberals do not, he adds.


Liberals are more concerned about their personal feelings and the feelings of others. (preservation of self)

The conservative strives to fight against changes that are viewed to be detrimental to social order and culture. (preservation of country)

It underscores my belief that there is a culture war being waged in this country. It explains why liberals appear to me as being hate-filled and eager to engage in hyperbole (sans facts) against their perceived enemy.

A current-day case in point can be seen by the vile comments and view-points (from those who align themselves with the Democrat Party) being hurled toward Sarah Palin and her family, all of which are emotionally-driven opinions against a perceived enemy viewed as being a part of an authoritative and dictatorial (Republican) party.

It explains how Obama’s presidential campaign rests on concepts of great social change and multi-cultural attitudes.

It explains why Obama takes every opportunity to point out how our country’s values and culture is “wrong”.

It explains why Obama addresses European audiences with speeches of little value to Americans.

It explains why Obama sees it as important to advance mandatory Spanish language education for Americans while in the same breath advancing the idea immigrants will learn English “on thier own.”

It’s all so very clear, now.


Written by Ben

September 25, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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